Shirley Johnson's Tasker Rebellion by Dave Henson

Shirley Johnson is having an identity crisis - is she human, or is she Tasker? By Dave Henson.

"Your psychosis, Mrs. Johnson, is becoming more common. Well, less rare shall we say, with the growing presence of the Taskers."

"That's a relief... I guess." Shirley glances at her right index finger. "Do others also have hallucinations?"

"In extreme cases lik…
Monday, February 22, 2021

Silas Tully, Mechanized by Tom Sheehan

Retired cop Silas Tully investigates how his friend's car could have been stolen and yet not stolen; by Tom Sheehan.
Silas Tully, enjoying early sun and early coffee, heading into another quiet and lonely day, dropped his newspaper and picked up the phone on the first ring. Old pal Jud Haley said, "Si, something screwy down here at Butch and Tony's. I think my car's been stolen bu…
Friday, February 19, 2021

Keepy Uppy by Roger Haydon

Roger Haydon tells the story of a thirteen-year-old lad from the estates with one eye on his football and the other on his future.

I've been good. I've not touched my PlayStation since I got home from school. I said hello to Mum, she's just home from her morning shift and drinking a mug of tea in the front room with her feet up. I've come up to my room, stuck some music on my Sony …

Lake Thompson in December by Alejandro Escude

In a world where avuncular government advice is issued constantly by ubiquitous neon tickers, Bernie Navarone has had enough; by Alejandro Escude.

Bernie Navarone woke up to the neon ticker that ran along the moulding of his apartment reminding him to brush his teeth before heading off to work. It was a luminous bar, much like those one sees in stock exchanges, that ran all night. Sometimes, it ke…

The Singing of the Black Flowers by Alex De-Gruchy

Wayward addict Louise Randall makes her final confession in Alex De-Gruchy's Lovecraftian horror.

My name is Louise Randall, I'm twenty-six years old, for all I know I'm the last human being on Earth, and I'm looking out over a dead world from the roof of a multi-storey car park in Cardiff.

I haven't had anything to eat or drink in days but hey, I found a pencil and some paper,…
Monday, February 8, 2021

The Muse by Adam Kluger / sketches by Dreck

Artist-hustler Dreck is profoundly inspired by an eccentric Polynesian woman called Cricket, but can they open each other's hearts? By Adam Kluger / sketches by Dreck.

It's weird. The business of meeting a muse.

The artist known as Dreck didn't expect much when he started an online correspondence with a mystery woman named Cricket who posted no photographs online. It was intriguing to …

Margaret’s Birthday Present by Roger Haydon

Retired bus driver Henry tries to lead as normal a life as he can during the coronavirus pandemic; by Roger Haydon.

Henry's last trip to the surgery was two months ago to get the results of his tests. Danny offered to take time off work to go with him.

'Nah, you're alright son. I'll go on my own, it's fine, I can cope whatever the doc says and I need to ask her something a bit …
Monday, February 1, 2021

The Cursed Treasure of Mount Perilion by James Rumpel

The diminutive inhabitants of planet Bordeion try to exact revenge by using an Earthman's greed against him; by James Rumpel.

In an undersized servant quarters, attached to a newly constructed mansion, two diminutive beings spoke to each other in hushed whispers. The muted nature of their conversation was, in all likelihood, unnecessary since the person whose ears they wished to avoid would no…