FICTION on the WEB is a labour of love. Every single story on here is hand-picked and carefully edited by me. I don’t have a staff, and I don’t make any money. I do this because I want to give authors a chance to get their work out there, and I love sharing great stories with the world.

FICTION on the WEB has been online since 1996, which makes it the oldest short stories website on the Internet. Hundreds of stories have been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of readers. This new incarnation of the site aims to take advantage of the latest trends in connectivity while keeping things nice and simple.

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I am Charlie Fish - you can contact me at charlie@fictionontheweb.co.uk, and you can follow me on Twitter @fishcharlie.

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  1. I have a FaceBook page dedicated to various types of short stories about small town life that I have written. I wanted my stories to have more exposure so I started a WordPress blog, but I never get any "likes" or comments. How much exposure would I get on this site if I get submissions accepted and can I submit stories that have already been entered on my blog? Thanks

  2. jlalford@hotmail.com or www.hometownrambler.com (wordpress)

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