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I am a feminist, anti-racist, LGBT+ ally who believes strongly in the importance of representation, and I try to publish stories that reinforce those values.

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Who is this Charlie Fish anyway? Are his stories any good?

Charlie Fish wrote an award-winning short film that starred Richard E Grant, Warren Clarke, Emilia Fox and Celia Imrie. He hung out with the guy who wrote Pirates of the Caribbean and Shrek. He's a massive board game evangelist. He once lost a bet with his wife over a game of Scrabble and had to get a tattoo. He's an amateur magician. (Very amateur.) He can do the Cups song. Those really are his bookshelves in the banner above. He has two daughters who are smarter than him. He holds doors open for people, and always stops at red lights when cycling. OK, almost always.

He writes good too. Here are some quotes from genuine reviews at East of the Web.

Baggio's Story

  • I think this story changed me a little bit. Maybe a lot.
  • Solid! Fantastic! Dramatic! True!
  • Charlie Fish, you have done it again. Thank you. Need to reread this story and I will. Many times. I expect to get more and more out of it every time I do.
  • This is probably THE BEST short story I've ever read in my life. It really taught me a valuable lesson on the materialistic things in this world.
  • i kinda didn't read...cuz it was tOO long.. :P LOL :D


  • Oh My God! I love your story. I'm a writer myself and it takes a lot to impress me. I'm a picky reader, but your story drew me in and held me tight!
  • This is by far one of the best short stories I have ever read. From the beginning to the end, I was on the edge of my seat. Great work Charlie. I can't wait to see what's next.
  • Fantastic job. It was mental coffee. It held my attention and slowly pulled me in as the story progressed. I appreciate the way it flirted with my imagination.
  • This is an amazing story. I've recently been using Fish's stories as part of my unit plans for high schoolers... Great author! This guy can really put a lot into just a few pages.
  • i hate this story...................... if you don't no how to write don't write.............

The Man Who Married Himself

  • This Charlie Fish guy needs to be watched he is seriously talented.
  • Hilarious. A real breath of fresh air. There is a lightness, a flow to Charlie's writing that seems to create intelligent humor out of subject matter that commonly would be deemed very over-the-top. A great chop to the groin. I think I'll share this one around a bit.
  • I found myself chuckling openly all the way through it at some priceless lines... Funny in the extreme, I enjoyed it immensely.
  • I loved this story! I had to stop myself from laughing several times. I would recommend this story and I will use it with my high school students I teach.
  • well ya u see this story wasnt all that good and trust me i know good storie i read alot of books cuz its are assignment im locked up in the salt lake vally D.T well thats me opinion

Death by Scrabble

  • I love this story and so do my students. I teach it in my high school classes every year, and every year someone uses it on their state exam.
  • Splendid!!! So outrageous it kept me laughing. One of my favorite stories. This author's writing style reminds me of Sydney Sheldon's - get-to-the-point-and-keep-moving, which keeps the reader's interest.
  • I really loved this story. It had a feel of O. Henry or better still, Alfred Hitchcock about it.
  • Excellent story. Reminded me very much of my wife and I. Therefore horribly frightening.
  • This was the GREATEST thing I have ever seen! My heart almost stopped beating with the suspense! Charlie Fish is an absolute GOD, I want to marry him. I WANT MORE!!!!!!!


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