Fiction on the Web is a labour of love. Every single story on here is hand-picked and carefully copyedited by me. Any money I make from donations is ploughed back into the site and related projects. I do this because I want to give authors a chance to get their work out there, and I love sharing great stories with the world.

Fiction on the Web has been online and continuously publishing since July 1996, which makes it the longest-running short stories website on the Internet. Thousands of stories have been enjoyed by millions of readers. It will always remain free to read, free to submit.

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I'm always looking for ways to boost authors who submit great stories to the site. I nominate for awards each year, including the Pushcart Prize.

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Charlie Fish, Editor-in-Chief

I am Charlie Fish - you can contact me at charlie@fictionontheweb.co.uk, and you can follow me on Twitter/X @fishcharlie. I once got stung by a lionfish. I've worked in a prison. I've travelled faster than the speed of sound. I have three passports.  I have delusions of exceptionality. I write films, and once hung out with the guy who wrote Pirates of the Caribbean and Shrek. I'm a professional board gamer. I lost a bet with my wife over a game of Scrabble and had to get a tattoo. Those are my bookshelves in the banner above. I hold doors open for people, and always stop at red lights when cycling. OK, almost always.

Rick Taliaferro, Associate Editor

Rick Taliaferro is a full-time technical writer and editor. In his spare time, he spends one hour, or one page, or 200 words per day on fiction. In addition to short story publications, his e-novel, Cascades, was published in 2013, and he is currently seeking an agent for his most recent novel. Previous journal experience before Fiction on the Web includes eight years as an associate editor at Bartleby Snopes.

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Hall of Fame

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You have helped make Fiction on the Web what it is, and I cannot tell you how grateful I am. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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