Afterlife by Steve Bates

Steve Bates tells of a future where an apocalyptic prediction catalyses the rise of an anti-science cult, and Archivist Galen is on a mission to preserve universal knowledge.

The lustrous insignia dangling from the simple chain around the guard’s neck was unmistakable. A semicircle resting on a thick horizontal bar. The setting sun.

If this man wishes to impress leaders of the Zafaran religion, …

Killer G.F. by Russell Richardson

Tom finds out a shocking secret from his girlfriend's past; by Russell Richardson.

In the bedroom, Tom asked Nancy if he could put a framed photo of his childhood dog on her nightstand. "Go ahead, it's your house too now," she said. And later, while hanging shirts in the closet, he asked, "Is it OK that I'm taking this whole side?"

She feigned an annoyed look.


Hundreds and Hundreds of Gerbils by Richard Seltzer

Bobby, Heather and Mikey persuade their father to get pet gerbils in Richard Seltzer's gentle comedy.

Bobby knew that fathers are pushovers when it comes to pets, especially gerbils.

Sure, Dad talks tough. "There will be no pets in this house ever. And that's final!" But just warm him up a bit with a trip to the zoo, then a visit to a friend with some brand-new baby gerbils. All …

A Present for the King by Lee Conrad

During World War II, four Norwegians undertake a treacherous mission to pick up a British agent, and a gift for the Norwegian king; by Lee Conrad.

Icy winds and grey waves from the North Sea pounded the Lunna shore on Shetland Island off the east coast of Scotland. Fishing boats tied up at the dock bounced like corks. A small cutter called Blenda, contained extra gear, the kind not found on a fish…

Heists Like This by Alexander J. Richardson

A group of petty crooks are just hanging out when their buddy Chad announces that he's pulled off a daring stunt that will change everything for them; by Alexander J. Richardson.

Angel and Warren were playing cards next to a roaring fireplace. Over the fireplace was a modified rifle with an extended magazine. Chad came downstairs in his undershirt and briefs. He rubbed his eyes, and when he…