The Phoenix Arising by Mitchell Near

A structural engineer living in San Francisco is fascinated and awed by the fickle power of earthquakes; by Mitchell Near.

We tell ourselves that the earth is stable. We tell ourselves that the sidewalks we walk on, the streets we drive on, the subway tunnels we careen through, will remain in place. The streets of our city, San Francisco, California, will not buckle and roll like the waves washing…

Day of Reckoning by Marie Anderson

Having spent half his life in prison, Dep Stanford's old neighbourhood couldn't be more different; by Marie Anderson.

Three weeks after he got out of prison, Dep Stanford drove up and down the streets of his old neighborhood.

His ma had warned him, but he'd had to see for himself.

It was a sunny afternoon in early June. He drove his ma's Ford Focus. It was the same model car the cu…
Monday, September 6, 2021

Into White by David W. Landrum

In Grand Rapids MI, an albino woman strikes up a relationship with a local athlete, to the chagrin of her bandmate; by David W. Landrum.

I am an albino girl. I have no pigment in my skin. My hair and flesh are white - and I don't mean white in the sense we usually use the word, as in "Caucasian." I mean white like a piece of paper or a marshmallow. I have Type 1 Oculocutaneous Albi…
Friday, September 3, 2021

No Direction by Edward Lee

Teenager Audrey can't help getting in trouble, and her privileged friend Nikki is no help at all; by Edward Lee.

In her guidance counselor's cramped office, Audrey sat looking at a desk, which had a framed picture, its stand folded out, the picture privately facing away from her. Next to the picture was a brown paper bag smelling of apples and citrus in the warm afternoon.

The guidance cou…
Monday, August 30, 2021

Scene at Scott's Mill by Tom Sheehan

A trio of twelve-year-olds plan to light a stash of fireworks in a long-abandoned mill, in Tom Sheehan's nostalgic mystery.

Old Scott's Mill on the Saugus River, rebuilt in 1847 after a fire, a long-time employer of hard workers at wool and leather goods and lastly boot protection for soldiers in Viet Nam, had given off odd sounds since the day it closed down, a dozen years earlier in a …