Shoulda Done What I Did by Kirk Alex

Kirk Alex takes us on a characterful ride with a cabbie working the streets of Los Angeles.

We're at the Plaza Hotel. Three of us. It's past 4:00am. Howie Lipowitz is first up. Sound asleep. So is the cabbie in back of me. I'm barely awake myself. There's nothing going on. Century City is quiet. No cars or peeps.

Now, mind, Howie is pushing 60. White-haired, white dude with a flat…
Monday, August 8, 2022

Love the One You're With by Bill Tope

Bill Tope invites us to a drug-fuelled party in 1970s USA.

Blind Faith's eponymous new album was spinning on the turntable; Steve Winwood's haunting vocals on "Can't Find My Way Back Home" was set off to great advantage by Clapton's 12-string. The music floated evocatively throughout the party room, where a thick, inert blanket of marijuana smoke hung near the ceiling. Al…

Uncle Grand's Wheat Field by Jim Latham

Bryn finds an unusual object in her neighbour's wheat field; by Jim Latham.

Bryn was taking her first sip of coffee when she saw it. She blinked twice then snatched the binoculars she kept for birding to make sure: a four-poster bed, complete with red velvet curtains and elaborate molding had appeared in Old Man Kemmerer's field. Keeping out of other people's business was one thing, bu…

Grandpa Goes to Mexico by Mark Saha

Wesley Boyd wakes up unsure of where he is or how he got there, in Mark Saha's charming story.

Somebody cracked Wesley Boyd in the back of the head with a pool stick and dropped him like a rock. One minute he was lining up a shot, and the next he was face down on the barroom floor, whiffing stale tobacco and rancid beer in the sawdust. His mind went missing in a low ground fog trying to figure…

Luna Moth By M.E. Proctor

Jake works in a gene bank at the understaffed Moonbase Alecto - an easy job, until something goes wrong; by M.E. Proctor.

The last hour of Jake's double shift was the longest. Gail had been flagged during decon and sent back to her quarters until the virus in her bloodstream gave up under the assault of chemistry. The team leader had been unable to line up a replacement at short notice and Jak…