Triple Word Score by Philip Charter

An ageing Scrabble tournament officiator takes a shine to an eccentric Romanian competitor with an outside chance at winning the UK Open; by Philip Charter.

We've never had a playoff before. The first match finished in a draw, so I reset the board and they'll start again. I'd usually fast asleep by now, but I'm here, officiating in front of a hundred people as the rank outsider…

Dropped in a Hornet's Nest by Alexander J. Richardson

Jaren is out of prison and keeping clean, until federal agent Billings extorts him into insinuating himself into Big Ma's criminal gang; by Alexander J. Richardson.

The serving girl smiled at him as she set his food on the table - steak, medium, with green beans and a baked potato - and Jaren was happy to see she had all her teeth. A step up, at least, from some of the other women he'd m…
Monday, June 14, 2021

The Stars, the Moon, a Trombone and You by Dave Henson

Edward's romantic destiny depends on his congenital "call" in Dave Henson's surprisingly profound comedy.

I signed into Here My Call before going to work. Don't know why I bothered. I never had any notifications. Who would respond to a call like mine? But this time was different. "I see starshine in your eyes," the message said. "Meet for coffee?"

I cou…

Delivery By Brian Clark

In 1969, on his suburban Toronto paper round, 12-year-old Peter sees something he shouldn't have seen; by Brian Clark.

In 1969, when I was a Grade 6 student at Riverview Public School, Mr. Denholm would trundle a projector into the classroom every Friday afternoon and show us a film.

It was always a great treat, even though most of the movies were not what you would call crowd-pleasers. They …

The Red Sled by Kim Gunderson

Millie wakes up to find her husband of 50 years dead on the kitchen floor; by Kim Gunderson.

This wasn't how he was supposed to go.

He looked cold, lying on the white linoleum next to the stove, so she fetched their fraying grey afghan, the one they lay over their legs on chilly nights while watching reruns of Matlock, and draped it gently over him. He lay on his side, arms extended peacefull…