Monday, January 24, 2022

The Chicago Pearl Necklace by Tom Sheehan

Twenty-nine grandchildren are kept in thrall of their seafaring grandfather, his mysterious adventures, and the beautiful pearl necklace he gifted to their grandmother; by Tom Sheehan.

The only heirloom my grandmother had was her pearl necklace, a gift from Grandfather, the single piece of property she clung to during the Depression and the years that followed. It was cached for years in a small b…
Friday, January 21, 2022

The Trade by David Newkirk

Fairies intervene in the lives of two daughters abused by their father; by David Newkirk.

We could start with the oh-so-still air, its silence punctuated by the sound of tiny quivering wings. Or with a hundred floating, turning orbs of light glowing against the night sky. Or with the silent shadows that the moon casts when it shines on perfect circles of small stones.

But those are fairy things, a…

Crybaby by Scott D. Pomfret

Scott D. Pomfret's character is unsettled by the sound of a man crying in the neighbouring stall of a public restroom.

Surely only an erratic and puny spirit of exceptional selfishness, with zero appreciation for the norms of manhood and propriety, would have put Noonan on the spot in such an unforgiveable manner. It was an ambush. Noonan was a prisoner of the man's sobs. He was their vict…
Friday, January 14, 2022

The Night Song Singer of Broken Halleluiahs by Tom Sheehan

A mysterious midnight singer causes a stir in Sgt. Culberson's sleepy neighbourhood; by Tom Sheehan.

For the third night in a row, Cavan Woodmarsh (long, lean, young, often caught up in a dream) strolled to the far end of Riverside Cemetery with a guitar over his shoulder in a case the long road had beaten up as badly as old shoes. Most things about him were soft, suitable, acceptable... the l…
Monday, January 10, 2022

Family Game Night by James Rumpel

A horror board game triggers a Lovecraftian obsession; by James Rumpel.

October 30

Grace hesitated, surveying the cards scattered around the table. Finally, she laid down a card and announced. "I'm going to attack the monster thingy..."

"It's a demon spawn," interrupted her son, Zach.

"I'm going to attack the demon spawn," Grace continued. "I think thi…