Judgement Day by James Rumpel

In this comic short, James Rumpel tells of a future in which reaching your 24th birthday obliges you to make a terrible sacrifice.

A dozen young adults were spread throughout the room. A couple of small groups were engaged in simple, meaningless conversation. The others sat alone, staring at their phones or reading one of the many messages posted on the walls. Embedded on the back of each of their…

The Sound of the Sea by Stuart Stromin

Tommy is leaving South Africa, but before he goes there is one important person to whom he must say goodbye; by Stuart Stromin.

He had driven more than a thousand kilometers from Johannesburg to Cape Town, simply to say goodbye to her. Drowsy in the middle of the night, he parked behind a truck in dusty siding somewhere in the Orange Free State, and fell asleep behind the wheel. Loud, tinny jazz w…
Friday, October 8, 2021

Dirty Secrets by Lara Hahn

Cass and Julie are best friends, but a secret stands between them; by Lara Hahn.

'All right, Cass, spill it. What's this serious matter you wanted to talk to me about?'

Cassandra stirred her coffee, her gaze fixed on the cup. We had met at university fifteen years before and been best friends ever since, but I had never seen her so uneasy.

'Is something wrong with Miles?'


Rooster Tail by Sharon Frame Gay

In an isolated Virginia community, 1932, a gruesome murder changes the course of Cam Cluny's life; by Sharon Frame Gay.

Ledbetter, Virginia - 1965

I lock the door to the Ledbetter Gazette for the night and come back to my desk. The sun is setting behind the storefronts across the street, but Bitter Mountain still looms from my window in the coming darkness. As the owner of the local newspaper, …

The New Neighbor by David Lanvert

When new neighbours move in next door, Phil gets a shock from his past that sets him on a rollercoaster of emotion; by David Lanvert.

Early on a Monday morning, Phil stood upstairs in the master bathroom when his wife Pam shouted from the kitchen, "Phil, I see a moving van parked out front. I think it's blocking the driveway."

"Damn it," he said. He finished knotting his t…