A Discussion of Mothers by Yash Seyedbagheri

Siblings Nicky and Nan Botkin get together for Mother's Day to bawl out their runaway mom; by Yash Seyedbagheri.
I asked my older sister Nan what type of mother was the worst. The choices: A runaway mom, a dead mom, or a drunk mom. Runaway and drunk moms weren't an option. I was thirty-one and Nan was thirty-seven. We were at her apartment for our annual Mother's Day dissection-fest, a…

Detective Shimmel by Salvatore Difalco

When Ms. Gebel is murdered, Detective Shimmel's suspects are all such suspicious low-lives he doesn't know where to start; by Salvatore Difalco.

"All night my legs danced like whirling dervishes. The machine elves shadowing the walls scolded me for being so fractious. Then, a disembodied voice said, It means changes are coming. Big changes. I pulled the duvet up to my cheekbones. Fear…

Ambush by Phil Temples

Phil Temples tells the story of a multicultural platoon in Nicaragua fighting an enemy with so-called Rambos on their side.

The late afternoon sun begins to set over the dense tree line where the jungle gives way to the sprawling, bombed-out suburbs of Managua. Mac glances at his toolkit. The display reads 43 degrees. The humidity is near one hundred percent.

"Sarge, can we stop? It's hot…
Friday, June 24, 2022

Moving in Silence by Lara Hahn

Patrick says goodbye to his best friend, who is heading out to university, and wonders if he is doing the right thing by staying home; by Lara Hahn.

The sun burned relentlessly from a cloudless sky and the smell of heated tar wafted through the air as I climbed the steps to the platform. The station was a brick building with ornamental gables atop the "golden hill", so named after the ba…

Play in Time by David W Landrum

David W Landrum's tale of a romance between a reclusive physicist and an anachronistic thespian echoes Shakespearean themes of predestiny.

Min Yuan liked working for a physics laboratory. She had trained diligently, mastered her subjects in undergraduate and graduate school, and taken the job she had always dreamed of having. She did mathematics to calculate and describe the dynamics of sub-a…