I’ve written and/or published some stuff that you can buy. Good times guaranteed.

To buy one of the below books, go to Amazon (UK link, US link), Waterstones or Barnes & Noble.

The Best of Fiction on the Web

To celebrate Fiction on the Web's 21st birthday, I published a charitable collection featuring 54 of the best stories that have ever appeared on the site. Download the press release here.

All proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to the Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust. This is possible thanks to Fiction on the Web's loyal patrons, whose contributions paid for the copy-editing, design and typesetting of the book.

"54 irresistible short stories. Buy 'em without a blink."
- Richard E. Grant

The Man Who Married Himself and Other Stories

The Man Who Married Himself and Other Stories by Charlie Fish will make you laugh, cry, tremble with fear, but above all - think. Stories that address life’s big questions: How can I be a good person? What is freedom? Is this penny trying to kill me?

This collection is published copyright-free. It is a “Free Cultural Work”, published under a Creative Commons licence (Attribution 4.0 International) that means it can be freely shared and adapted, encouraging other creators to be inspired to build on the ideas.

The Man Who Married Himself includes illustrations by Yvette Gilbert, an artist from Staffordshire, UK, working with traditional dip pen and ink on watercolour paper.

The History of Video Games

This book is a potted history of video games, telling all the rollercoaster stories of this fascinating young industry that's now twice as big globally than the film and music industries combined. Each chapter explores the history of video games through a different lens, giving a uniquely well-rounded overview.