Fiction on the Web is starting an audiobook series of short stories with a different theme every month. The first episode will be released on Audible in January, and feature stories by Charlie Fish, W W Jacobs and Tim Macy. Watch this space for more information soon, or become a patron for sneak previews.

Volume 1: Ironic Wish Fulfilment.
  • Stories by Charlie Fish, W. W. Jacobs and Tim Macy. Released January 2024.

Volume 2: Kafkaesque.
  • Stories by Matthew Harrison, Fernando Sorrentino and Fred Skolnik. Released February 2024.

Volume 3: FGM.
  • Stories by Charlie Fish and Christopher K Miller. Released March 2024.

Volume 4: Bio Sci Fi.
  • Stories by Jhon Sánchez, Tim Macy and Patrick Ritter. Released April 2024.

Volume 5: Modern India.
  • Stories by Chitra Gopalakrishnan, G. B. Prabhat and Karthik Krishnan. Released May 2024.

Volume 6: Locked Room Murder Mysteries.
  • Stories by Margaret Karmazin and Alex Artukovich. Released June 2024.