Fiction on the Web, in partnership with Flying Pickle Performing Arts, is proud to present an audiobook series of some of the best short stories ever published at Fiction on the Web, with a different theme every month. Listen on Audible, or become a patron for sneak previews.

Latest episode:

Volume 2: Kafkaesque.
  • Stories by Charlie Fish, W. W. Jacobs and Tim Macy.
  • Narrated by Charlie Fish, Sam Devereux and Hope Newhouse.
  • Released March 2024.

Episode schedule:

Volume Theme Release
Vol. 1 Ironic Wish Fulfilment Feb 2024
Vol. 2 Kafkaesque Mar 2024
Vol. 3 FGM Apr 2024
Vol. 4 Bio Sci Fi May 2024
Vol. 5 Modern India Jun 2024
Vol. 6 Locked Room Murder Mystery Jul 2024
Vol. 7 Smart Cars Aug 2024
Vol. 8 Horror Underfoot Sep 2024
Vol. 9 U.S. Presidential Campaigns Oct 2024
Vol. 10 Bad Breasts Nov 2024

Volume 1: Ironic Wish Fulfilment.
  • Stories by Charlie Fish, W. W. Jacobs and Tim Macy.
  • Narrated by Charlie Fish, Sam Devereux and Hope Newhouse.
  • Released February 2024.

Volume 2: Kafkaesque.
  • Stories by Matthew Harrison, Fernando Sorrentino and Fred Skolnik.
  • Narrated by Rachel Esposti, Malk Williams and Sam Devereaux.
  • Released March 2024.

Volume 3: FGM.
  • Stories by Charlie Fish and Christopher K Miller.
  • Narrated by Isi Adeola.
  • Released April 2024.

Volume 4: Bio Sci Fi.
  • Stories by Jhon Sánchez, Tim Macy and Patrick Ritter.
  • Released May 2024.

Volume 5: Modern India.
  • Stories by Chitra Gopalakrishnan, G. B. Prabhat and Karthik Krishnan.
  • Released June 2024.

Volume 6: Locked Room Murder Mysteries.
  • Stories by Margaret Karmazin and Alex Artukovich.
  • Released July 2024.

Volume 7: Smart Cars.
  • Stories by Charlie Fish, James Paul Close, Stephan Malone and James Rumpel.
  • Released August 2024.

Volume 8: Horror Underfoot.
  • Stories by Edgar Allan Poe, Chere Taylor and Leah Erickson.
  • Released September 2024.

Volume 9: U.S. Presidential Campaigns.
  • Stories by Rob Boffard and Kathleen R. Sands.
  • Released October 2024.

Volume 10: Bad Breasts.
  • Stories by Charlie Fish, Birgit Lennertz Sarrimanolis and Rozanne Charbonneau.
  • Released November 2024.

Volume 11: Nigerian Genre Fiction (TBC).
  • Stories by Uche Umezurike, Ethan Regal, Kayode Raphael Adegboye and Chiaka Obasi.
  • Released December 2024.

Volume 12: Sexual Appetites (TBC).
  • Stories by Rozanne Charbonneau and Robert E Donohue.
  • Released January 2025.

Volume 13: Good Therapy (TBC).
  • Stories by Charlie Fish and Bailey Bridgewater.
  • Released February 2025.

Volume 14: Bad Therapy (TBC).
  • Stories by Harrison Kim, Lorin Cary, Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Abraham Myers.
  • Released March 2025.

Small print:

PARTNERS: This audiobook project is a collaboration between Fiction on the Web, Flying Pickle Performing Arts, and Spoken Realms. Fiction on the Web (Charlie Fish) selects the stories, deals with rights and permissions from the authors, and (thanks to patrons) pays Flying Pickle a fixed fee each month for audiobook production. Flying Pickle selects and pays narrators, and records, edits and masters the audiobooks. Spoken Realms distributes the audiobooks to platforms including Audible, and distributes any income from the audiobooks back to Fiction on the Web and Flying Pickle. This income is invested back into the audiobook project and related activities.

COPYRIGHT: The copyright in the audiobooks belongs to Fiction on the Web; the copyright in the individual stories remains with the authors.

RIGHTS AND PERMISSIONS: For stories published at Fiction on the Web after 1 January 2024, the "non-exclusive time-unlimited worldwide audiobook rights, including the right to publish and sell the audiobook version of your story on third-party platforms" are part of the terms of submission. For stories published at Fiction on the Web before 1 January 2024, the terms of submission were broad and non-specific, so additional efforts have been made to seek explicit permission from the authors - and this has been obtained in all cases except two: the stories "Soul Drug" by Ethan Regal and "Traitor" by Chiaka Obasi (both part of Volume 11: Nigerian Genre Fiction). These two authors have not been contactable despite protracted efforts, but the audiobook recording of their stories was planned in the interests of giving less-heard voices a platform. If you know how to get hold of Ethan Regal or Chiaka Obasi, please contact me.

AI POLICY: AI-generated material will never be used as part of this audiobook project. The audiobooks themselves will never be used to train AI nor neural networks; there are clauses in the agreements between Fiction on the Web, Flying Pickle, and Spoken Realms to this effect.