Fiction on the Web is not currently accepting short story submissions. The submissions window will reopen at the end of August. Exception: patrons are always welcome to submit.

  • funny stories - for when you need a laugh
  • creepy stories - to make your hair stand on end
  • fantastic stories - orcs, swords, magic and fantasy
  • futuristic stories - many worlds of science fiction
  • criminal stories - crooks and detectives
  • real life stories - everyday life and relationships

Please send your story (preferably as a single-spaced .doc attachment) to, including the following information in your email:

Story title
Author name

I’ll email you back to say that your story’s been received. If you still haven't received an acknowledgement after three days please try sending the story again from a different email address.

How long will it take to hear back?

I try to respond to all submissions within a month, although I sometimes fall behind. If you would like a quicker response, I will get back to you within two weeks (and often much sooner) if you are either:

1. A regular commenter on other people's stories and you include "COMMENTER" in the subject line of your submission email.

2. A patron and you include "PATRON" in the subject line of your submission email.

Stories requiring heavy editing are unlikely to be accepted.

Simultaneous submissions? Reprints?

You're welcome to send stories that you've submitted elsewhere, but if they are accepted elsewhere first please let me know as soon as possible. You're also welcome to send stories that have been printed elsewhere as long as you retain the copyright.

Mature content?

Yes, as long as it's in service of the story rather than being gratuitous.


Most of the pieces I publish are between around 1,000 and 10,000 words. If your story is outside that range it may still be published, but if it is rejected that might be why.

What happens if my story is accepted?

If your submission is accepted you'll get an email with the date that your story will appear online. Be sure to spread the word! Fiction on the Web does not pay for submissions. All rights remain with the author.

Once your story is published at Fiction on the Web, you're part of the family. If you've got any news about new publications or anything else you want to promote, get in touch and I'll send a message out to my networks.

Why did you reject my story?

Sometimes I reject good stories. Sorry about that.

I'll publish something polished over something that needs copyediting.
I'll publish something that transports me over something familiar.
I'll publish something that makes me feel over something that makes me think.
I'll publish something with strong characterisations over something populated by ciphers.
I'll publish something with a satisfying ending over something that feels unfinished.
I'll publish something punchy over something flabby.
I'll publish something new over something I've seen before.
I'll publish something accessible over something confusing.
I'll publish something uplifting over something depressing.
I'll publish something that promotes peace over something that glorifies violence.
I'll publish something anti-racist over something insensitive to race.
I'll publish something feminist over something patriarchal.
I'll publish something that represents LGBT+ over something heteronormative.
I'll publish something sex-positive over something sexually conservative.
I'll publish something conscious of disability and neurodiversity over something that assumes homogeneity.

That doesn't mean I'll never publish anything in the latter categories - I frequently do. Think of it as a points system if you will, and depending on how busy I am or how far ahead I currently have stories scheduled, I may raise or lower the bar. I aspire to keep the bar as high as possible.

See the tips page if you're writing a short story. You are also very welcome to contact me with any comments, questions, requests or complaints.

Report your response times at Duotrope