I do not actively maintain this page, however it remains in case there are still links of interest.


    east of the web
  • A fantastic high-quality site featuring original stories interlaced with classic shorts. My personal favourite. A surf through the Web's fiction is incomplete without a visit.

    Critique Circle
  • A sophisticated application that allows you to earn points by critiquing other people's stories, and then use those points to submit your own stories. Each story usually receives at least half a dozen high-quality crits from writers who are serious about their craft. There is also a lively discussion board.

  • Not a short stories website, but a series of fantastic columns and resources about how to write screenplays. Mentioned here because I found these entertaining columns truly inspirational for improving my writing, screenplays or no.

    Simon Welsh Poetry
  • The brilliant website of one of my favourite poets. You can read lots of his poems online, or hear him perform them himself, and you can buy beautifully printed collections.

  • A regularly updated science fiction and fantasy e-zine with quite a few short stories and a sense of humour. An excellent site. This is also the only short stories site on the Internet that has a reasonable claim to being around longer than Fiction on the Web!

    Pif Magazine
  • This US literary e-zine has a good number of stories online, as well as art, poetry, micro-fiction and more.

    Narrative Magazine
  • A great magazine, but you need to sign up to be able to read any of the stories.
  • A site that suffers from having too much content without much editorial input. There are good stories here if you're patient enough to find them. Has a lot of poems and flash/micro fiction.

    Plots with Guns
  • Supercool website featuring lots of crime/noir stories, but I don't think it's being maintained anymore.

  • Sentence is a collection of Ralph Robert Moore's own stories, which range from rib-tickling to just sickening.

Fiction on the Web recommends:
    Bruce Harris
  • This site offers teaching material, resources, questionnaires and interviews with leading writers without membership fees or financial charges of any kind. For personal reasons, the site editor, Bruce Harris, is supporting the Huntington’s Disease Association and encourages donations. You can follow him on Twitter @bruceharrisorg.

  • Storycism
  • Website of American writer Brett Roe, featuring three of his novellas.

  • Sacred Chickens
  • Book reviews, stories and advice from Julie Carpenter and occasionally her dead uncle Morty.

  • A Eurasian Diary by Liam Roberts
  • Liam Roberts has an enviable talent for compelling travel writing, as evident in this wonderful romp through Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, along part of the ancient Silk Road. You can follow him on Twitter @LiamTyping.

  • Michael C Keith
  • The eclectic site of academic and prolific short story writer, Michael C Keith. He has released several short story collections which are worth checking out. You can also read some of his stories here at Fiction on the Web.

  • Doug Hawley's Aberrant Word
  • Website of Doug Hawley: International Mountain Man, ex-actuary and writer, living in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

  • Katherine J Parker
  • The thoughtful and eclectic blog of Katherine Parker, an emerging writer in Northern Florida.

  • George Allen Miller
  • The blog of science fiction (and sometimes fantasy) author George Allen Miller, who posts about writing and other random topics.

Other (mostly) fiction sites that have been around for years:
All links last checked in March 2021 - report a broken link.

The 2nd Hand The 2nd Hand bestows upon you turbo love and kisses, stories, itineraries, literature from Chicago and beyond (Seems to be no updates since November 2014.)
2River Since 1996, 2River has been a site of poetry and art, quarterly publishing The 2River View and occasionally publishing individual writers in the 2River Chapbook Series
3AM Magazine From 'cutting edge short fiction' to political satire and music reviews
The 3rd Page An avant-journal of ongrowing natures featuring an international array of contemporary artists' texts, images, sounds and Internet-based artwork
Abyss & Apex "Whoever battles monsters should take care not to become a monster too, for if you stare long enough into the Abyss, the Abyss stares also into you"
Alt-X Mark Amerika's site "where the digerati meet the literati"
Amarillo Bay Amarillo Bay intends to be the premier provider of modern literature on the Web
Art & Letters Daily Provides links to some of the best cultural articles in English
Barcelona Review Fiction heavyweight in Spanish, Catalan, English and French
Be a Better Writer To be publishable, creative writing must be both original and well crafted, the work honed through training, practice, feedback, and multiple revisions. This site has been designed to assist writers in each of these important areas.
Big Bridge Michael Rothenberg's poetry e-zine. One of a kind
Black Gate Adventures in Fantasy Literature
Black Obelisk Software Home of the Liquid Story Binder software for authors, poets, and screenwriters (Seems to be no updates since February 2011.)
Blithe House Quarterly BHQ features a diversity of new short stories by emerging and established gay, lesbian bisexual and transgendered authors. "The central publishing arm of new queer fiction" - OUT Magazine (Seems to be no updates since Winter 2007.)
The Cafe Irreal International imagination
Christopher Ford Join Ford on his search for such mythical things as ghosts, demons, and parking in San Francisco. It's pop-culture humor with a dash of horror (Seems to be a stale website.)
Complete Review Hundreds of book reviews
Compulsive Reader Reviews of new release books by some of the hottest writers working today, along with author interviews, a free e-zine, giveaways, literary criticism, author sites, and lots more
Eclectica Eclectica was founded in October 1996 with the goal of providing a sterling quality literary magazine on the World Wide Web
Evergreen Review The old classic goes online
Eyeshot Fresh fiction prepared with zest, swerve, pizzazz for the ill and literate. (Defunct since August 2014, archive available.)
Fail Better Fiction, poetry, art; pick your poison
Faulkner Fiction Novels by Lewis Faulkner
Gadfly Online Gadfly Online picks up where Gadfly magazine (1998-2001) left off. A unique voice crying out in the cultural wilderness (Seems to be no updates since September 2016.)
GKSammy On Line Stories and poems by GKSammy from Trinidad & Tobago (last updated March 2009.)
Hobart Fiction, reviews, interviews and other stuff
Identity Theory The Athens of the Internet
Literally Stories Literally Stories is all about short stories. Literally. It was created by writers for writers. It exists to showcase a wide spectrum of short story fiction from new and emerging writers to more seasoned authors
Literary Orphans The primary mission of Literary Orphans is to function as a collaborative writing and arts platform, designed to present original literary work of quality, illuminated by cutting-edge photography and art, to as large of an audience as possible.
Locust Magazine An electronic bazaar for all those who are instinctively adverse to: Personal phlegm & heartburn; Appalling regionalism (both green and grey); Political porridge; Social tweet! tweet! Stammering experimentalism...BEAM! BIN!! Street Poetry or Beggar's Poetry
Melic Review Meaning, Economy, Lyricism, Innovation, Clarity (Defunct since 2005, archive available.)
Milk Magazine Larry Sawyer's cutting-edge e-zine
The National Association of Writers' Groups Do you belong to a writing group? Are you a short story writer, a novelist, a playwright, a poet, a non-fiction writer? Then there's something for you on the NAWG website.
Novel Trove Enjoy our authors' erotic literature, for women & men. Ranging from romance to fetish, fiction to true stories.
nowCulture Excellent online multi-media site. Literary & visual arts (Seems to be a stale website.)
Shotgun Confessional An eclectic literary zine featuring a collection of short stories. (Seems to be no updates since 2000.)
Snow Monkey Snow Monkey is an online journal that features unpublished poems and micro-prose. The journal is updated 10 times a year with 10 writers featured in the monthly postings September through June. (Seems to be no updates since 2008.)
Three Penny Review For literature in the traditional sense to continue in America, we must continue to have serious, eccentric, imaginative magazines. The Threepenny Review is one of the few, one of the very best
Tin House Make yourself at home with the liveliest writing around
TTA Press Publishers of the acclaimed cutting edge magazines The 3rd Alternative, Crimewave and The Fix. The website includes info, extracts, secure online ordering and an interactive forum
Turbula Our purpose is to have some fun while writing about the things that matter in life - music, art, theater, technology and literary pursuits. (Seems to be no updates since April 2012.)
Wag A magazine for decadent readers (Seems to be a stale website.)
Web Del Sol Biggest and best literary portal in cyberspace
Word Smitten Crisp writing, dry humor, and wet beach towels. The Cove chat room brings authors, editors, and writers together. Read the St. Petersburg Times book editor's comments on the publishing labyrinth (Seems to be no updates since 2008.)