FICTION on the WEB is not currently accepting short story submissions. This is because exciting work has started to compile a beautiful print edition of the best stories from 20 years of Fiction on the Web. The submissions window will reopen at the end of March.

  • funny stories - for when you need a laugh
  • creepy stories - to make your hair stand on end
  • fantastic stories - orcs, swords, magic and fantasy
  • futuristic stories - many worlds of science fiction
  • criminal stories - crooks and detectives
  • real life stories - everyday life and relationships

Please send your story (preferably as a single-spaced .doc attachment) to, including the following information in your email:

Story title
Author name

I’ll email you back to say that your story’s been received. If you still haven't received an acknowledgement after three days please try sending the story again from a different email address. Then within a month I'll send you another message to tell you if your story has been accepted. Stories requiring heavy editing are unlikely to be accepted.

You're welcome to send stories that you've submitted elsewhere, but if they are accepted elsewhere first please let me know as soon as possible. You're also welcome to send stories that have been printed elsewhere as long as you retain the copyright.

Fiction on the Web does not pay for submissions. All rights remain with the author. See the tips page if you're writing a short story. You are also very welcome to contact me with any comments, questions, requests or complaints.

If you want your submission to shortcut to the top of the pile, please leave lots of comments on other people’s stories!

Report your response times at Duotrope