Aunt Mary's 100 Birthday Party by Bill Vernon

Bill Vernon's flash about an old lady reflecting on things changing in the last hundred years.

Land sakes, I ain't seen so many people since they put me in here. I mean this place is all right, but I hated leavin' my home. Lived there, you know, for 55 years. But I cain't walk the two blocks to church no more. Cain't walk the aisles when I'm driven to market. Don't hea…
Friday, August 28, 2015

Mia Bambina by James Mulhern

Molly moves into her student accommodation, ready to start a new life at Boston University, but she instantly takes a disliking to her roommate; by James Mulhern.

After I showed my paperwork to the girl at the desk and signed in, David, an upperclassman at Boston University who was helping freshmen move in, brought me to an elevator in the rear of the hall. In the short time it took to get to the…

The Blackberry Condition by Benjamin Cooper‏

A henpecked husband wants to spend some time away from his suffocating wife, but mysterious forces conspire to amplify his guilty conscience; by Benjamin Cooper.

Enthusiasm is not contagious, at least not when it comes to my wife. She never enjoyed or even feigned interest in the few simple pleasures that brought happiness to my otherwise mundane routine of married life. Whether it was a movie or…

Just a Spoonful of Horror by Gary Ives

A con in a horrible prison plots revenge against a fellow inmate; by Gary Ives.

Of the boys at the Malloy Farm, Mickey Markham was by far the prettiest with blond hair, fair skin, full lips, blue eyes and long eyelashes like a girl's. Let me say that here pretty counts. This he traded on among other boys but especially with the warden and screws. He could smooth talk candy bars and cigarettes…

The Afternoon Express by Kate Franklin

Kate Franklin's character gets a cryptic warning from a stranger and wonders whether to heed it.

I had decided I was going to take the bus home, in spite of the warning I had received. As I made my way to the corner of Lincoln and Broad streets, I replayed the strange incident. That morning, hurrying off the bus as usual, I bumped into a woman, and was about to beg her pardon, when in a voi…

Beyond the Veil by Jace Killan

Edith's father asks her to come with him on a mission to sail past the edge of the world - but great sacrifices will need to be made to succeed; by Jace Killan.

My father told me that he planned to sail to the abyss at the edge of the world.

"Again with this nonsense, Cap?" I said.

My father started to speak, but refrained, instead making his way to the docks. He preferred being …

The Misfit by Andrew Elsakr

Andrew Elsakr's despicable character strays from his marital vows during yet another long business trip, but things will soon come to a head.

She doesn't flinch when she sees my ring, and that's how I know I've got her. Our hands come together above the thin economy class armrest and our fingers interlock. Her palms are hot and sweaty and I'm willing to bet she's never don…

Goodbye Butterfly by Hanja Kochansky

Hanja and her son go for a meal in Paris with a friend, and find a butterfly in the street, in Hanja Kochansky's charming autobiographical scene.

What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly.
- Lao Tzu

We had already walked past it before I realized that what the corner of my eye had accidentally observed on a wet cobblestone in the alleyway was a black and wh…

From Yesterday Today, From Today Tomorrow by Ceinwen Haydon

Marianne revisits scenes from her past and wonders if her parents were truly happy together; by Ceinwen Haydon.

We are not permitted to choose the frame of our destiny. But what we put into it is ours.
Dag Hammarskjold (1905 - 1961)
Once upon a time in 1958 in a north east English town, the zeitgeist was hard at work, kicking the traces of convention and opening doors for the young. Truth is …

The Apps Themselves by Matthew Hentrich

Quilla is recruited as a cryptographer on an airship embarking on a suicide mission in post-apocalyptic Florida; by Matthew Hentrich.

Popular misconception number one: Airships are super cool bags of helium that are either A) indestructible or B) comically easy to destroy, making everyone wonder how the airship got anywhere to begin with. In reality, the airship concept was perfected in the year …

The Disgrace by Beryl Ensor-Smith

The innocent and prudish Church Sisters of a backwater South African town are shocked to learn that one of their number is reading Fifty Shades of Grey; by Beryl Ensor-Smith.

It was the liveliest discussion the Church Sisters had had in years, but Christina du Plessis managed, with one stark, startling comment, to bring it to an abrupt halt.

The new outreach programme needed a name and suggestio…

One Oh for Tillie by Tom Sheehan

Mike, thirteen years old and blossoming into adolescence, spends a memorable summer at the farm of his father's friend in Tom Sheehan's intimate and lyrical coming-of-age tale.

It didn't announce itself, the difference in the room, but it was there, of that he was positive. It wasn't the soft caress of the new blanket, or the deeply sensed mattress he'd never slept on before, …
Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Distant Sun by Grant Boshoff

A luxury space cruiser carries an empath on a vital mission to preserve her species, and a mysterious assassin determined to stop her; by Grant Boshoff.

Doors plague my dreams.

All of them just out of reach, they beckon to me, speaking in some ethereal tone just below the level of consciousness.

My mind is numb, my thoughts mangled. I am wrapped in a furnace of emotion so intense that I will surely …