The Brass Teapot by Tim Macy

A reprint of Tim Macy's dark-as-pitch story about a cash-strapped couple whose life is changed by a magical teapot.

The old woman running the roadside antique stand spoke with a heavy eastern accent. She skirted the table with two limping legs, hidden by loose, draping leather pants and no shoes. John couldn't help staring at the woman's black toes, as if she had once suffered frostb…

Forever Always by Henri Colt

Henri Colt tells of two European musicians with feelings for each other.

Imre was the illegitimate son of a destitute Hungarian priest, presumably descended from King Stephen and Giselle of Bavaria. I was the son of an Orthodox Jew who escaped to a secular life in Paris. We met in high school, or rather, at the music store next to the school, where my heart fluttered while we played guitars inst…
Monday, October 18, 2021

Continuity by Matt Zandstra

In Matt Zandstra's post-apocalyptic tale, two struggling farm boys discover a scrap of ancient technology that can talk to them, and try to sell it without being discovered. 

Here is how my brother and me killed all those people.

It started with the landslides. Or, really, on the day after, when the rains had cleared. Our house sits safe on the rocky side of the hill, the last in a row of ruin…

Judgement Day by James Rumpel

In this comic short, James Rumpel tells of a future in which reaching your 24th birthday obliges you to make a terrible sacrifice.

A dozen young adults were spread throughout the room. A couple of small groups were engaged in simple, meaningless conversation. The others sat alone, staring at their phones or reading one of the many messages posted on the walls. Embedded on the back of each of their…

The Sound of the Sea by Stuart Stromin

Tommy is leaving South Africa, but before he goes there is one important person to whom he must say goodbye; by Stuart Stromin.

He had driven more than a thousand kilometers from Johannesburg to Cape Town, simply to say goodbye to her. Drowsy in the middle of the night, he parked behind a truck in dusty siding somewhere in the Orange Free State, and fell asleep behind the wheel. Loud, tinny jazz w…