Friday, July 23, 2021

Lost Alohas by Gary Ives

A career Navy sailor falls in love with a Micronesian island, and a Peace Corps woman living there; by Gary Ives.

In the spring of 1967, I was Chief Engineman aboard the destroyer escort USS Tinker. From Pearl Harbor we were to begin a Westpac cruise, normally six months of exercises and patrols around Japan, Taiwan, Guam, and the Philippines. On this cruise however, we were tasked with a couple o…

Quarantine by Mary Sylvia Winter

At the height of the Covid pandemic in 2020, extrovert Brit Nell is forced into a stifling quarantine when she travels to her family's old cabin in Ontario; by Mary Sylvia Winter.

There is silence, and then there is silence.

Some people are born to be silent, thought Nell crossly. Not me. Definitely not me. Some no doubt acquire silence. Hermits. Writers, maybe. Again, not me.

And some have si…

The Seed By Joseph S. Bocchi

Sally is troubled by an unusual lodger, and fears her slothful husband will not protect her, in Joseph S. Bocchi's unsettling gothic tale.

Sally was cooking dinner in the kitchen. Outside, little Janie was crying. She was screaming something about that midget. Kyle was in the living room watching television: a woman being chased down a San Francisco street.

"Go out there and see where th…

The Hide-Behind by T. D. Storm

Fiona confides to her ghost-friend that her aunt has been brought to their lake house to die; by T. D. Storm.

Fiona scuffled over the sand at the resort playground, eyes closed and hands extended so she wouldn't run into the play structure. "Cherry bomb!" she shouted.

Violet didn't answer. There was only the sound of gulls crying, tourists at the marina hollering to one another,…

Angel of Mercy by Alexander J. Richardson

Dr. Evans has been a doctor in a rough part of Hampton County, Missouri, for decades - but after the death of his wife, his gambling habit finally catches up with him; by Alexander J. Richardson.

Dr. Evans leaned back in his chair as he pressed an ice pack against his black eye and wondered how in the devil he would ever make it out of this mess.

Seventy-eight thousand dollars in the hole. Seve…