The Alien Encounter by Kirby Belle

This very short story was written by Kirby Belle, a budding author who is only eleven years old

The street was bathed in a ghostly light, and an eerie drone filled the air. I headed for home after returning from my friend's house. Cautiously putting one foot in front of the other, I was none too aware that it was the witching hour. As I neared my destination, a large and round object touched down in the middle of the road. My trembling hand clutched the gate of my house; the unidentified object shimmered and glowed, making a humming and buzzing sound as if a hive of bees was living inside. I watched in fear as an entrance appeared and a ladder swung down, and a bizarre-looking creature wobbled to the ground.

It had a huge wobbling head - a great bulbous dome - and it had a single, staring eye in a helmet of chrome, which was enough to scare anyone out of their wits. The alien looked straight into my eyes, lifted a huge lobster claw and beckoned me gently to the spacecraft’s entrance, unhurriedly shifting its grasshopper-like legs. No mouth was to be found anywhere on it, but it made a noise - a hidden voice. Its loud cackle plainly said, "Greetings Earthling, I am Uthanter. We have come from Mars, the red planet. We offer peace and joy to every man. You are chosen to visit our land; step inside friend and let curiosity get the better of you - do not be afraid. We have ideas to exchange and thoughts to trade; there is much to learn from each other." Once more, it motioned for me to stride into the spaceship. I knew I had no choice, for an extraordinary, irresistible force was thrusting me towards the door.

My green-eyed gaze met with that of three other humans, all who seemed to have been in a daze. Uthanter briefed us about the tunnel which we were standing next to. In actual fact, it was a portal to transport us to Mars, which caught me off-guard. The entire situation was similar to the plot of a science fiction movie, which I found hard to believe; yet with a deafening whoosh, I found myself with Uthanter and the other humans in an enclosed room with chairs made from compressed rock and red soil. We were invited to sit down as more creatures resembling Uthanter took their place at the chairs. Ideas for more social visits and space exploration technology for our planet were discussed, and the humans and I began to voice our objections and approvals. It was settled that humans would be able to be on familiar terms with the Martian existence two decades from now. I also came to know that the chosen humans were sworn to secrecy, to protect the sacred secret of the Martian Empire, and that we were to be correspondents with the Martians. I breathed a sigh of relief as I heard this announcement, as I would be able to see the light of Earth again. Upon dismissal, we were once again reminded of this.

I found myself fallen in a heap on the hard granite pavement. Finding my balance, I staggered into the house, making up a tall story to make up for my absence. I did not bother to relate my account to any of the authorities or even my friends – although I was certain that my story would serve them a good laugh.


  1. Kirby, you're twenty years ahead of me, and that's awesome. Don't stop writing, and thank you for sharing your story. It did what a good story should do: left me wanting to know more.

  2. good short story,interesting

  3. Clerver and entertaining with lots of big words (plus admirable sentence use and structure) for a fairly new writer. Keep it up.

  4. what a well constructed story, vocabulary and description.
    fantastic. what happens next?
    keep up the good work?

    michael mccarthy

  5. Your vocabulary and the expressions you use are fantastic! Don't ever stop writing and keep at it, you will be brilliant. I also love your creative and imaginative side.