Requiem for an Unborn Child by Fred Skolnik

Fred Skolnik's moving stream of consciousness about a father's longing for his aborted child.

After the abortion Claire had been depressed for a few weeks and it was clear that she blamed Justin for it, though neither of them had been ready for another child, and in any case the marriage had been on the rocks for a while. Claire told Justin very bitterly that she would have had the child …

Rainy Kulman by O. D. Hegre

A guilt-ridden detective interviews an obsessive compulsive man who saved someone's life after a traffic accident; by O. D. Hegre.

"I shouldn't have been driving." Walter Henderson's voice was about as stable as the coffee cup he held in his hand. With effort he negotiated another sip. "No, no," swallowing hard, ", I shouldn't have been driving."…

The Mistake by Beryl Ensor-Smith

When Christina du Plessis finds a gun after witnessing a bungled burglary, and starts taking shooting lessons, things quickly begin to spiral out of control in the sleepy dorp of Prentburg; by Beryl Ensor-Smith.

When Christina and Hans du Plessis returned from visiting Hans's brother-and-sister-in-law in Johannesburg, Christina was a nervous wreck. On the night preceding their return, she tol…

Smoldering in Reeve by Kyle Policht

A veteran cop on the verge of retirement and his rookie partner stop a speeding pickup in the middle of the desert; by Kyle Policht.

It's a routine day out on the road. There weren't too many law breakers, so it was slow moving. My partner and I sit out in the middle of nowhere Reeve, Texas; a nearly barren strip of desert, no signs of civilization for miles. The only thing keeping us com…

The Congo Kid Comes Home (or The Sailor Goes Horseback) by Tom Sheehan

Black navy man Raven Narbaught crosses the continent  to reunite with his family in post civil war America; by Tom Sheehan.

Raven Narbaught received the letter at Boston's Charlestown Navy Yard when his ship landed on the 8th day of December in 1879. He'd been a sailor attached to or on the USS Alliance, a screw gunboat, since it was launched four years earlier at Norfolk Navy Yard, and h…

Salt Farming by Tim Macy

The story of Myrna, who harvests her tears for an unscrupulous salt dealer in the blackest of markets; by Tim Macy.


She staggered up the stairs to her third floor condo overlooking the dog park, the permanent chorus of Pomeranians and shiatsus silenced by the predawn hour. Her tears, a hybrid of rage and regret, had stopped pouring from her absurdly puffy eyes an hour ago. As for her thin an…

Periwinkle, Periwinkle by Jeremy Billingsley

A nine year old girl tries to protect her little brother from their mother's hatred in Jeremy Billingsley's creepy story; first published in Fat City Review, July 2013.

Rapps Barren, Arkansas, the 1950s.

Periwinkle Roberts shut her eyes when the slap came. When she opened them she focused outside the window where a chirping blue jay perched on a limb of the maple in bloom. The sky beyond…

Questionable Characters and Unprincipled People by ME McMullen

M E McMullen's hardboiled detective Harry and his partner Trina, investigating a shooting in LA, follow a lead to Mexico and find a money man who was supposed to be dead.

There was shooting at Dirty Dog Jake's in LA a while back.

Two bands robbing a third band in the parking lot. Not like any bands I ever played in, you know. When DDJ's was a bust-out joint called 'The Ballroom…
Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Day My TV Died by DR Fraley

DR Fraley's ode to his beloved television.

Toshi was your typical 60" Smart Flat Screen TV. He was purchased on Black Friday back in 2001 as a family Christmas gift after the previous unit blew a tube. He was mounted on the wall above the fireplace to provide viewing enjoyment for everyone in the house. Many who visited us commented on how big and beautiful he was. His sleek matte black …

The One That Got Away by Cris de Borja

Cris de Borja's noir flash about a detective hunted down by a widowed femme fatale.

Emergency lights painted her dead face in flashing white and amber. She didn't look innocent in death. She didn't look like she was sleeping. Rivulets of polluted salt water dribbled out of her hair.

Her name had been a sweetness like brown sugar syrup: Marlena Robles. I had known the flavor of it po…

Elementary Mechanics by Anne Goodwin

Anne Goodwin's moving story of two immigrants in Britain haunted by their past, and their sheltered child; first published 2010 in The Yellow Room, Issue 5.

Odaye gets back from work to a house that is unusually quiet. At this hour, he'd expect to find Vashila chopping vegetables with one eye on the news on the kitchen portable. Or opening a bottle of wine and contemplating the flyer from…

Taking the Key to Life by Nathan Witkin

In an age when machines are taking over all human functions, the Leader reflects on his last argument with his father upon leaving him in a retirement home, and he reflects on the future of humanity as a whole; by Nathan Witkin.

“You might as well kill me now! That’s what you’re doing!” the old man’s rage cracked with his voice; however, his underlying grief was sharper, and he clutched it like a…

The Phantom Hitchhiker by David W Landrum

Musician Sossity Chandler has another encounter with the supernatural in David W Landrum's latest tale.

Rough gig, Sossity Chandler thought as she drove back to the motel. The crowd had been rude, drunk, and she had not been able to win them over. She performed song after song to scant applause, heckling, and, sometimes, boos and catcalls. When she thought things could not get worse, a group o…