You Can't Take It With You by Nancy Cole Silverman

Two nosy old ladies go investigating a mysterious new resident who hasn't left her rooms for a week; by Nancy Cole Silverman.

The poster outside the bistro read Mario the Magnificent, an evening with the unusual. Wine and cheese, four-thirty to six. Don't miss this exclusive live performance for Sunrise residents only.

"See, I told you. No cover charge. It's free." Barbara,…
Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Attack of the Killer Appendix by Maui Holcomb

A sound editor for a schlock horror movie production company returns to work after getting married, and tries not to lose his wedding ring; by Maui Holcomb.


"What happened, honey?"

"My ring."

I fished around in the garbage disposal among the egg scraps and cantaloupe slime.


"Too dry here."

My wedding band needed resizing. …

Father Bag Man by Gary Ives

Gary Ives tells the story of a good man's rise to power in this incendiary indictment of the Catholic Church.

Radix malorum ex cupiditas.
The path leading Philip to the plush apartment overlooking Central Park had begun fifty years earlier at the seminary of the Apostolic Order of the Venerable Saint Actius of Jerusalem, when he had awakened in the middle of the night with the hand of Monsigno…

Son of Noah by David Pring-Mill

A young boy on an interminable flight from a ruined Earth asks his companions about giraffes; by David Pring-Mill.

Japheth ran down the corridor, reaching out with his left hand and letting his fingers slide against the door of the archives room as he blew past it. The small boy had an eagerness of spirit, in spite of the monotonous atmosphere. In his right hand, he clutched onto a pencil and a n…

The Teleporter by Daniel Wilmoth

A pair of venture capitalists attend a demonstration of a machine that could revolutionise the world, but one of them is sceptical; by Daniel Wilmoth.

A monitor embedded in David's front door displayed, in shades of gray, the face of a thin, severe man in his fifties. As I raised my fist to knock, the eyes in the gray face followed my knuckles warily. "Excuse me," the face said, &qu…

My First Time by Michael McCarthy

A boy orphaned by a horrific rail crash grows up witnessing abuse, and his pent-up resentment threatens to reach boiling point; by Michael McCarthy.

I recoiled as his lips sought mine, his stubble sharp against my baby soft skin.

I could smell something unpleasant on his breath and I struggled to twist my head away but it was no use; he planted his puffy, wet lips firmly on mine and I felt som…

Stand-Up by M. E. McMullen

Comedian Robert Cambelli shows his betrothed sister a cluster of dead ladybugs, which she becomes convinced is a bad omen for her upcoming undercover wedding, in M. E. McMullen's surreal story.

I used to hang out with my sister, Inez.

Inez might be a little gawky, but she's an ace, believe me. When I use her stuff in a "bit", like the other night at Chuck's Chuckle Palace,…

Soul Drug by Ethan Regal

Chi-Chi’s boyfriend brings home a wonder drug that allows people to swap minds, but they do not appreciate its dangers; by Ethan Regal.

In a few minutes Obi would be back from work. I try not to get too comfortable watching Aurora on Telemundo as I've got a pot of rice on the stove. If Obi comes home famished only to discover a plate of burnt rice and stew, things will not go down well. Like …

Touched by a Poet by Bruce Costello

An emotionally vacant obstetrician in Soviet Russia seeks solace in the downbeat poetry of Mikhail Lermontov; by Bruce Costello.

His last patient's presence lingered in the room, along with the body odour of her druggie partner.

The state should not permit such people to breed, thought Dr Zhukovsky. One more woman to see, then lunch.

His receptionist entered. "Your next appointment'…

The Prize by Beryl Ensor-Smith

Petrus Willemse donates a pig as a prize for the church fete, but deciding how to award the animal becomes a nuisance for the Church Sisters when word gets about that it is cursed; by Beryl Ensor-Smith.

There was some muttering among the Church Sisters working against time as they sifted through piles of goods for their upcoming fete. Little did they know that they would be faced with a far bigge…

Jello by Tom Pawlowski

Grampa rages about Jello in Tom Pawlowski's quick flash fiction.

"I hate Jello. Nasty, jiggly shit. Shit in every color of the rainbow."

Grampa gazed into an empty corner with unfocused eyes. "My mother made it a couple of times a week when I was growing up. Claimed it was dessert. But I knew better. Dessert is cookies and cake, maybe pudding. Sure as hell isn't Jello. Eve…

Murder by the Book by Jim Bartlett

A gruesome serial killer known as Lumberjack prepares to sacrifice another victim, but the aesthetics must be just right; by Jim Bartlett.

The killer sits with his back to a workbench along the far wall of the basement. He tosses an X-ACTO knife back and forth between hands, the spinning blade sparkling with a quick glint of the harsh fluorescent light.

It catches his eye, but only for a moment…

The People's Garden by Craig M. Workman

Craig M. Workman's character recalls how building a garden in the courtyard of their housing estate brought his mentally disabled neighbour out of his shell and led to a tragic accident involving his much-admired writing mentor.

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Yesterday I buried my friend, teacher, bookseller, and coffee-drinking buddy. They were…