The Debacle by Beryl Ensor-Smith

In the sleepy dorp of Prentburg, Christina du Plessis take it upon herself to fulfil her friend's dying wish to be buried with her dog; by Beryl Ensor-Smith.

After the event, Christina du Plessis decided that it was only because nothing interesting had happened in the dorp for weeks that her usual sagacity had deserted her and she had become involved in something best left alone.

It had all…

Believer by Jeannette Pontician

Julie has no patience for religion, but she agrees to take her cancer-riddled mother to a faith healer; by Jeannette Pontician.

Margie is a Believer, so it didn't surprise Julie when her mother said, "The Lord will take care of things, Julie. I believe in Him." Her eyes never wavered as she patted Julie's hand. Julie nodded and forced a smile, dark hair hanging like drapes along…

The Burning Bush by O. D. Hegre

A businessman who uses God to justify his ruthless capitalism buys a plot of land featuring a religious relic; by O. D. Hegre.

Millard sipped his drink and looked over at the flowering shrub. He had purchased the Scottsdale estate some six months ago. They had residences all over the world, but his dying wife wished to spend her final days back home in Arizona. She had fallen in love with the pro…
Friday, August 22, 2014

Swan River Daisy by Tom Sheehan

Chester McNaughton Connaughton buys a new parcel of land and finds himself in trouble with the local Saxonish authorities when a large paddle steamer appear in the middle of his field; by Tom Sheehan.

Chester McNaughton Connaughton, aptly named for both sides of the family, landowner in the new world, squeezer of pennies and nickels and the very corpulence of coin, embarrassed at times by his own…

All Mixed Up by Elizabeth Archer

When Adrianna has an accident with a hair straightener in her bathtub, she gets a chance to reflect on her relationship with good-for-nothing Charlie; by Elizabeth Archer.

When Adrianna electrocuted herself straightening her hair in the bathtub, a Death Ghoul came to drag her to Hell much faster than she expected. One minute she was screaming in the tub of suds, wondering if those warnings about …

Do You Have Any Instincts? by Kacy Cunningham

Kacy Cunningham's oblique vignette about a struggling relationship.

We sat across from each other, a gesture that took effort - you slid the chair away from my side, straddled the thing, its wooden back creaking. You searched everyone's face but mine.

"Coffee's good," I said. Your leg was tapping under the table, your eyes still moving. "Is it too hot?" I asked.

My Own Executioner by Michael Saad

Jebediah-Todd Fallard attends an ordinary Sunday church sermon, and unexpectedly comes face-to-face with a horrific moment from his past; by Michael Saad.

Church is supposed to be a place to infuse one's life with spirituality, a place to reconnect with God, the teachings of Christ, and the larger Christian community where "good things take place." It wasn't supposed to be the…

The Experiment Requires by Anne Goodwin

A lecturer introduces a group of teenage schoolchildren to the study of psychology be re-enacting an infamous 1970s social experiment; by Anne Goodwin.

TEACHER: Okay, let's see how many of those word pairs you've remembered. I'm going to read out the first word of each pair followed by four alternatives. Your task is to tell me which of these four words was originally paired with the …

The Landlords by Brooke Fieldhouse

Brian, working class and proud of it, uses his unusually large inheritance to become the dominant landlord of Florence Square - but making a quick buck is never straightforward; by Brooke Fieldhouse.

'Florence Square Brothel Exposed'

Brian plunges the diesel pump into his Range Rover, and stares with uncomprehending horror at the hand-written newspaper billboard headline.

'Oh Lord!…

How Stupid by Oscar Davis

Oscar Davis recalls three of the formative events of his life - stupidity or self-discovery?


Okay, this is iffy territory. We're expected to do some stupid things as children, to serve as valuable life lessons. It's when we continue to do the same stupid things over and over that our judgment is called into question.

Back in the early 1960s, my family and I lived…

A Letter from an Unhappy Customer by Jennifer Mitchell

Sweets that give you superpowers are wonderful fun, until one goes wrong... by Jennifer Mitchell.

To Tracy Wills, CEO of Wills Supplements:

I have been a loyal customer of your company for the past several years. I have bought and used many of your products. The invisibility cola, the super strength juice, and the telekinesis bars are my favourites. Over the years, I have recommended your produ…
Sunday, August 3, 2014

Justice Deferred by Nomi Liron

An embittered wide does her best to put on a good show for her husband's election campaign, but she's near the end of her tether; by Nomi Liron.

Marianne leaned over the bathroom sink and peered in the mirror. Her hand gingerly touched the wrinkles which had accumulated over the years. She shook her head. How stupid! Somehow she had thought it wouldn't happen to her. But here she was,…

Love Marriage by Rudy Ravindra

A misguided boy thinks he can hide his madness and abuse behind the social necessities of India's cultural traditions in Rudy Ravindra's graphic tale.

In the beginning Seshadri followed Vanita discreetly, and never spoke to her. After a few weeks he began to send her love letters in flowery language, describing Vanita's beauty, her gracious gait, her smoldering eyes, her long lustrous…