The Remorse of Mayor Hadly by Michael Stewart

Charlie Roundtree returns to the Alaskan mountains where his Native American father died, to spend time with his so-called uncle whom he suspects of murder; by Michael Stewart.

His father's body parts had been strewn out over a quarter mile. They found half a torso by itself, then a femur and finally a foot, mostly all bone. At least, that's what the men told his mother when they came bac…

Stuffed Dates by Maui Holcomb

Maui Holcomb's touching tale of a pot-addled student who goes to dinner with friends of his parents in search of home-cooked food, and finds something more meaningful.

"These amazing stuffed dates for starters," I said. "Downed a bunch of those."

"Oh," said Pete, pointing at me, "and that bread."

"Oh, hell yeah, the garlic bread," actually …

Across the Oar by Greg Szulgit

A pilgrim stops to hear a warrior's troubling confession in Greg Szulgit's masterful short fantasy.

I had planted the oar at the crossroads... ...And they were all I loved. - John Ciardi, Ulysses
The pilgrim was aware of the man who had been following him for some time. He did not, however, feel endangered or concerned, as it was common for people to stalk him in a way, gathering their cou…
Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tiny Beatles in My Head by Gary Ives

When a traumatised WWII soldier returns home to find his wife dead and his daughter taken away, he seeks solace in solitude; by Gary Ives.

Andrew Shellcross came back from the war a broken man. Three years of starvation and brutality as a prisoner of war, working in Japanese coal mines, had squeezed and reduced him to little more than a pitiful six stone entity that thought of little other than f…

A Friend in Need by Ceinwen Haydon

Zoe, suffering from an absent and sometimes abusive husband, find an unusual confidante; by Ceinwen Haydon.

Zoe picked up the crisp packet, 'Walkers - Cheese and Onion', wedged between the cushions on her settee. She burst into tears. They'd shared the last packet in the cupboard two days ago, the day before he left. Yesterday he had told her he was going home. Now he was a thousand m…

Mailbox by Scott Archer Jones

A jealous ex starts stealing the mail of his former girlfriend, and then his neighbours' too; by Scott Archer Jones.

At six a.m. he strode back and forth in the road. Across the ditch and the big front yard, he could see the lights in the kitchen. He sidled over to the next window. The candle burned on the dining room table. That's when he knew. She always lit the candle when sentiment sw…
Tuesday, April 14, 2015

White Army Stand by Michael Saad

Matias participates in a cutting-edge experimental therapy to try and help quell a world-ravaging pandemic; by Michael Saad, illustrations by Adam White.

Emergency Medical Quarantine Facility, American Centre for Disease Control (CDC), Top Secret Location, February, 20th, 2048

There was no worse feeling in the world than being trapped in a cold, plastic bubble waiting for a doctor to inject you wi…

Elvis Has Left the Building by Katherine Sanger

Angelika, medical examiner at a morgue, can talk to the dead; thankfully they don't usually hang around for long - until she meets Elvis; by Katherine Sanger.

Angelika was not pleased to discover Elvis was haunting her. Especially once he made it clear he wasn't the real Elvis but a redneck hick whose mother had been in love with the legend and changed her last name when she'd discove…

Burying the Shit by Dusty Cooper

Dusty Cooper's character has such an all-consuming vendetta against his newest little neighbour that it threatens to alienate him from his friends.

The stars were flecked around a full white moon. The bright orb hung dead center in the sky, casting its lunar beams over the neighborhood. Just beyond the creeping reach of my headlights the asphalt glowed with the ethereal blue light. I had just…

The Bind of Benjamin White by Steve Lucas

Steve Lucas tells the story of a hopeless drunk who longs for a better life, but must first face his demons.

I was a teenager when it happened. The horse was tightly bound to the tree with barbed wire. Its hooves stamped at the dusty ground, alive, wide-eyed and violent with madness; its blubbery nostrils foamed and snorted bloody bubbles that spluttered like red froth from hell. The noise of tha…

Spurs that Jingle Jangle Jingle by Phil Temples

Phil Temples' whacky short about an extraterrestrial cowboy and his lusty Earthling hostess.

We're comfortably nuzzled in front of the fireplace in the great room, under a colorful blanket. It's a cold Montana evening, and the aroma of the wood fire permeates the house. A piece of the wood suddenly sizzles and crackles, sending its sparks skyward up the mantle of the fireplace. I pull…

Dog Day by Jeff Weddle

Martin wakes up on a stiflingly hot day feeling so depressed he can't bring himself to pick up his children - and something has to give; by Jeff Weddle.

The telephone rang for the sixth time that hot morning and it was still more than an hour before noon. Martin rolled onto his stomach and put the pillow over his head but it was no use, he could still hear the rings. He lay in bed counting: s…