At the Fourth Annual Sharm El-Sheikh Freedom Fighters Convention by Fred Russell

Nothing is sacred in Fred Russell's absurdist satire, in which freedom fighters of all stripes try to survive a convention.

All that was left of Walid al-Nishkeini was a torso the size of a shoe box and a big head. He got around on a battery-powered skateboard, accompanied by his faithful companion Mustafa Dawin, who carried a steamship trunk filled with plastic organs and Walid's life su…

Reaching You by Ceinwen Haydon

When Shelley's brother dies, she and their friend Jo are compelled to return to the site of the tragedy; by Ceinwen Haydon.

'For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one.' - Khalil Gibran

I came round in my own bed, as the August dawn was breaking. I sat up slowly, and next to me on the camping mat, on the floor, was Shell. The pain behind my eyes made me shr…
Sunday, April 24, 2016

Mistaken Identity by Steve Slavin

A lonely man gets a glimpse into the lifestyle of his namesake on the other side of town; by Steve Slavin.

I have a rather unusual name. If you checked the residential phone listings in all five boroughs of New York, you would find just sixteen Kanadlehoppers.

You might assume that someone with a name like that must be some kind of nerd. But nothing could be further from the truth. OK, maybe I …

Turn, Turn, Turn by Bruce Costello

An ageing grandmother meets an old physics teacher who helps her to reframe her problems; by Bruce Costello.

"To everything, turn, turn, turn, there is a season..." my mother hums in her hospice bed, mind and memory very much alive.

"Remember us singing that in the old Wolseley, Paula?" she says. "It's okay to be old and dying. Old people know they've had long li…

The Slightest of Indiscretions by Phil Slattery

A national park guide in New Mexico has lustful urges for a Vietnamese visitor with a domineering husband; by Phil Slattery.

Quinn sensed something disturbing about the couple as they entered the park's visitor center. He couldn't express it, but the feeling penetrated to his body's core. Quinn thought it had to be the contrast between the woman, a demure yet stunning, young Vietnames…

Lefties by James Ryan Curtis

James Ryan Curtis's self-deprecating character bumps into two women he admires on his way out of the movies, and trouble brews.

They were there when I walked out of the movie theater, alone (again). I sighed and pretended not to notice them, but I knew I couldn't make it to my car without them seeing me, so I slid on my sunglasses and pretended to be focused on my cell phone as I not-so-s…

Fast Fool by Michael C. Keith

A racist private eye recalls a time he lost his temper in a fast food joint; by Michael C. Keith.

Beware the fury of a patient man. - John Dryden
One time I lost it and went way over the line, letting my temper get the best of me. Hey, I'll admit I have a short fuse, but on that particular occasion, I really just let it rip. Sure, I was drag-ass tired after a day shadowing this broad who w…

Weeder by Steve Smith

After a drunken encounter with a knife wielding sociopath, things get weird for martial artist Rick Stancil; by Steve Smith.

Rick Stancil studied the chunky body sprawled at his feet. The dim glow from the corner streetlight ten feet from the bar entrance illumined an unshaven face turned to one side, mouth sagging open, light gray eyes gazing vacantly at nothing. Stancil bent and pressed the car…

Ecru Skin by Chris Milam

A man learns about his upstairs neighbour only by the sounds she makes; by Chris Milam.

Her sound is my daily routine, my first cup of coffee that never empties. It alternates between a scrape, a roll, and a sob; the hardwood floor above a symphony of something greater than infatuation. She has no name, no face, no aroma. She exists only in patterns of noise.

Her mailbox is next to mine. It fill…

Pen Name by Alec Lavictoire

A lonely man tries to connect with a work colleague in Alex Lavictoire's bleakly comic short.

The bathtub creaked and groaned as Gerald's hefty frame stepped into the water. He took in a deep breath and exhaled down into the four-slice toaster he held in his hands. He smiled through the tears as he plugged the toaster into the wall socket.

As he stood there in the tub, he imagined that h…

Commitment by Kara Burke

Two doomed crooks muse on their relationship as the cops descend; by Kara Burke.

The carpet of the hotel room was cheap. The stiffness of it rubbed against June's toes, and she put her foot back in her shoe. The mustard yellow wallpaper looked stained, and the room smelled like cigarettes and mold. Lincoln slammed the door behind her, sliding the chain closed. An open bottle of vodka dangled …
Sunday, April 3, 2016

In Her Purse by Gary Ives

The Chief Groundskeeper of the luxurious Rio Plata Spa and Hotel recounts the story of a particularly troublesome guest; by Gary Ives.

First let me tell you of May Maloy Spooner then you may make up your own mind about this woman.

May Maloy Spooner, one of the hundreds of Las Vegas whores, had no trouble catching Señor Rigby's eye. You would no doubt agree that like many of her sisters in th…
Friday, April 1, 2016

Letter to Piper by Don Herald

Labrador Maggie writes a letter to her boxer friend Piper giving hints on how to live with humans; by Don Herald.

Hello Piper:

You don't know me but I just felt that I had to drop you a line. Last night I overheard the humans who live with me talking about you coming to live with two other humans they know.

Since I'm older than you, I know a lot about training humans to live with dogs. …