Charlie Fish


Charlie Fish is a popular short story writer and screenwriter. His short stories have been published in several countries and inspired dozens of short film adaptations. Since 1996, he has edited, the longest-running short story site on the web. He was born in Mount Kisco, New York in 1980; and now lives in south London with his wife and daughters.

You can contact me at, and you can follow me on Twitter @fishcharlie.



MA Creative Writing, Birkbeck College 2008 to 2010
Awarded a Master's Degree with Merit. Received Distinction for screenwriting.

Selected short stories

Annabel - published in:

Gonzalo Hermenegildo - published in:

You're Good At This, You're Doing It Right - published in:

Wanted: Romance. Apply Within. - published in:
Death by Scrabble - published in:
The Cut - published in:
Remission - published in:
Do Not Pass Go - published in:
The Unintended Consequences of Driverless Cars - published in:
Schrödinger's Baby - published in:
Clean World - published in:
Culture Sculptor - published in:
Today, I’m Marshall Mason - published in:
Dreadful Penny - published in:
Killing Mildred - published in:
Cora - published in:
Baggio’s Story - published in:
The Man Who Married Himself - published in:


Running with the Devil
  • Spec feature film script
  • Written by Charlie Fish
  • Currently under development
Schrödinger's Baby
  • Short film script
  • Written by Craig Lewis and Charlie Fish
  • Currently seeking funding
The Last Wedding (2013)
Marshall Mason
Cast Offs (2013)
  • Short film script
  • Written by Charlie Fish
  • Commissioned by VevaTV
The Man Who Married Himself (2010)
The Philosopher (2010)
Tile M for Murder (2007)
Ja Ich Will (2006)
  • Short film
  • Based on a story by Charlie Fish
  • Winner, Audience Award, Trigital Filmfestival


I Digress
  • Collaborative residency at The Grosvenor Pub in Stockwell, launched on 29 July 2010. You can buy the zines here.

Thinking Aloud