Friday, August 31, 2012

What the Government Won't Tell You by Reid Laurence

SETI scientists intercept a controversial message, by Reid Laurence

Arecibo, Puerto Rico, home to the famous Arecibo Observatory where the largest single telescope ever constructed rests inside a natural basin; the very place where I live, eat and breathe my job. As being a devoted member of SETI, or the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, would imply, it's my job to continuously rove …

The Wedding Finger by Andy Peacock

An irreverent scene following two hired criminals on an unusual job, by Andy Peacock

Charlie studied the man sat directly in front of him. The man was looking purposefully at the cigarette between his thumb and forefinger. It had not lit all the way around, and the man blew at it gently until it took. It had been so long since Charlie had last spoken he was unsure how his voice would sound.


When Pacino's Hot, I'm Hot by Robert Levin

A comedy about a wonderfully pathetic character with a talent for looking famous, by Robert Levin

Blanche Dubois always depended on the kindness of strangers. Me, I've always depended on strangers thinking I'm someone else.

I'm referring, in my case anyway, to getting sex.

I know it's weird, but the assumption some women make that I'm one or another of a certain group of a…
Friday, August 24, 2012

Where's Muriel? by P S Gifford

Mr Humphrey Wentworth's wife has gone missing, and he fears the worst, by P S Gifford

The well-rounded police officer methodically scratched his balding head as he studied the frail old man sitting in front of him. He nodded at the scene; after seventeen years as a police officer in Whitby, Sergeant Arthur Breakwell had experienced hundreds of similar conversations, and experience told him th…

A White House Farewell by William de Rham

Alex Taylor, a libidinous White House insider, plays power games with higher stakes than he realises; by William de Rham

Resplendent in his brand-new, hand-tailored, black sharkskin suit from Sabatini of London, Alex Taylor strode down New Hampshire Avenue on his way to the White House. He caught his reflection in a store window and stopped. Every hair was in place. The fit of his jacket was su…

Money for New Rope by Michael McCarthy

A desperate author with writer's block hires a strange man to inspire him by recounting surreal and disturbing visions; by Michael McCarthy

I replayed the words in my mind, for the millionth time.

'A mother and her three children have been found murdered, in a particularly bestial manner. A country wide search has been launched for the children's father.'

The newscaster signed…

Executive Murder by Michael Pearson

Two cops work against the clock to prevent a terrorist attack against a rising star Presidential candidate in Michael Pearson's unabashedly old-school thriller.

The DJ switched tempo, and put on an old school dance record by C and C Music Factory. The mostly early thirties crowd cheered, danced and sang along.

"Hey Captain America, can I have your autograph?" Ingram shouted over…
Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Dead Man's Phone by A A Garrison

When Mark and Shelley acquire a second hand phone, they find themselves pursued by a mysterious and sinister force in A A Garrison's slow-burning thriller
"There are more things in heaven and earth... than are dreamt of in your philosophy." - William Shakespeare As it so happened, Mark Conkrin was on the phone when it was hit by lightning.

He was ordering a pizza, amidst the rote e…

The Window Upstairs by Adrian Kalil

Adrian Kalil's account of an intense emotional duel that culminates in an irreversible tragedy

The body lay on the glistening, wet sidewalk; eyes open, blood oozing from the side of the skull. The brilliant red ebb trickled into the fresh rain puddles, slowly and with intent, and in stark contrast to the shadows of the oppressive night. A faint steam rose from the growing, serpentine river a…

Tamerlane by Mason Willey

A bibliophile stumbles upon an unexpected treasure, with hilarious consequences; by Mason Willey

Bernard's hand seemed to be living a life of its own as he reached tentatively towards the dusty bookshelf to pull out the slim, dark yellow softback from between a dog-eared copy of Kipling's Minor Poems and a fake-leather-bound volume of Walt Whitman. It was shaking as though it belonged t…
Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Witch! by May Livere

A woman accused of being a witch is hunted down, by May Livere

She ran on, wild-eyed, terrified. Her breath came in quick, short gasps.

"Witch! Witch! Witch!" their angry chants filled the midnight air.

She ran faster, getting her strength from the very essence of the words and the murderous passion behind them. The angry monotony was broken every once in a while by unsynchronized …
Sunday, August 5, 2012

Workings Out in a Smalltown by Dave Witty

Dave Witty's character hits the gym hard to try and block out ominous smalltown gossip

There's these two fellas, and they're always at the gym. You can tell. They're both built like a child's bubble depiction of a man. One of them's called Nick, and the other's called Jamie. I only happen to know this because they refer to each other's first names about once ev…

The World Turned Upside Down by Jimmy Wilde

A stream of consciousness with Apocalyptic overtones about a London Underground carriage packed with party-goers returning home, by Jimmy Wilde

I take my place at the end of a row of seats, using my jumper as a pillow against the Perspex divider, and prepare to watch the show. The Northern Line, a tableau of freaks, weirdos and preternatural creatures. It's a travelling circus with a constant…