Catchcry by Charmaine T Davis

The family welcome Aunt Peewee's return, but something's wrong in Charmaine T Davis's creepy flash.

Aunt Peewee showed up at our annual Family Day picnic bearing her version of grasshopper pie. Mama was the first to see her and her smile could have broken a stone wall. Mama rushed to her, not sure whether to take the pie or give her a hug. In the end, Mama hugged Aunt Peewee and I got handed the ugly pie. The pie was dirt-brown, sprinkled with chopped pecans that looked a whole lot like oven burnt grasshoppers. I took the pie to the dessert table and hid it behind the more appetizing ones like yellow cakes with chocolate icing, cheesecake and sugar cookies.

By this time, Mama's other siblings, their parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews and other tagalongs caught sight of Aunt Peewee too.

"Aunt Peewee!" The cries erupted like champagne corks popping at a wedding. "Aunt Peewee!"

Like a Godzilla tsunami, the whole family washed over her with tears, hugs and kisses. I wiped away a tear that had slid down my cheek, touched by the joyful welcome my aunt received. Before she had arrived, it was like we were all missing something or sighing over some hurt we couldn't name.

Becca, my five-year old sister said, "Is she famous?"

"No, Short Stuff," I said, running a knuckle across her soft, chubby cheek. "We haven't seen her in a long time."

"Well, why not?"

I shrug. "I don't know."

Becca's question troubled me, but I didn't know why. I looked at Aunt Peewee soaking in all the love and attention, giving hugs, accepting kisses. I felt happy. But was I supposed to be? A chill chased its way down my spine. Grief smothered me, bringing with it the old pain, an old pain renewed.

"Aunt Peewee! Aunt Peewee!"

And then I remembered.

Aunt Peewee wasn't supposed to be here.

Aunt Peewee died ten years ago.


  1. Lovely – and so much communicated in so few words. A great start to my Sunday

  2. couldn´t agree more. great build up of mood. super.

    Michael McCarthy

  3. Love the "grasshopper pie" and the nice "wow" ending. As with Annecdotist and Michael, enjoyed the build up and how much was said with so little.

  4. I love this story. It made me want to smile & weep at the same time. i would love Aunt Peewee.
    Sharon Albert