Dream Catcher, Heart Listener by Christine E. Schulze

Blind cat-person Michaela falls deeply in love with a mysterious person who teaches her to see in her dreams in Christine E. Schulze's rich fantasy world.

He took her hand and whispered, "Hold out your tongue."

She slipped her tongue over her teeth, between her lips, and anxiously waited. Then, the cool drops began to slide gently over the plush fur of her arms, legs, and head. Sev…

Math is Funny by Amy Burns

Amy Burns's character, obsessed with numbers, tells the story of her husband's death.

My mother was fourteen years older than me. My name has fourteen letters.

I married a man who was twenty-eight years older than me. He divorced me after seven years of marriage. He had a daughter who was seven years older than me and a granddaughter who was fourteen years younger than me. His name also …
Friday, April 25, 2014

The Government Worker by Ed Nichols

A down-on-her-luck mother appeals to an uncaring government worker for aid; by Ed Nichols

"There are a few things you need to know before we start," the obese woman behind the metal desk said to Sarah.

“Yes, ma’am,” Sarah answered in her most polite voice.

“I work for the U.S. Government, and everything we say is open to public knowledge, and

scrutiny. Whatever you tell me must be…
Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Entertained by Gary Hewitt

Gary Hewitt tells the story of a doomed intergalactic circus troupe featuring an old-time cannon launch with a jetpack twist.

Being spat from a metal tube isn't the most pleasant experience you can enjoy. I ensure everything is strapped down before I hear the countdown. I don't move. The count reaches zero. I'm rocketed into the atmosphere.

We don't need the 'Big Noise' b…

Comet by Katherine J Parker

Katherine J Parker's flash about the life of a classic Mercury Comet.


Jason's eyes lit up as his fingers danced over the cool hardness of the steering wheel. There was no new car smell, no retailer's agreement on the window. This darling hadn't been on a car lot in something close to 35 years. It was a classic. It had age and personality on its side.



The Heartwarming Story of Arnold Schwarzenegger by Benjamin Drevlow

A sheep breeder takes umbrage when the Bayfield County Fair's judge makes insinuations against the virility of his impressive specimen of a ram, in Benjamin Drevlow's hilarious tale.

We should've known that his dignity would've been hurt. Arnold was a proud old ram and he'd served us well. Bred us more lambs than we ever thought possible. Good ol' Arnie, though, just wasn…

No Curfew by Matthew Wilding

Delmon Rose, returned to his hometown for Thanksgiving, drinks in Murray's Bar and reflects on the girl he left behind; by Matthew Wilding.

Murray's Tavern was quite a ride every third or fourth Friday in November. The day after Thanksgiving, from time immemorial, all the town's recently minted adults descended upon their native land and, loaded up on Turkey and football, made one las…

Midnight Appointment by Charles Howard Wise

Charles Howard Wise's sad and beautiful paean to music, nature and loss.

John put down his pen, straightened his desk and slid on his wool jacket. He used to wear it when he went hunting with his father, but that was long ago. He hadn't hunted in nearly thirty years, but the jacket still fit even if it did smell of mothballs. Once he stepped out onto the patio, John pulled up a chair and…

The Rat Catcher By Max Detrano

Rudy Schmidt's devotion to his cat may end up threatening more than just his relationship with his girlfriend Mary Jo; by Max Detrano.

Rudy Schmidt slept on a mattress with no box spring just eighteen inches off the floor. A squeak close to his head woke him. He opened one eye and saw his cat, Der Schlaffer, sitting beside the bed. The muffled squeak of a rat came from the cat's mouth. A …

Heroin Girl by Josette Torres

Josette Torres' character hears a spontaneous confession from a woman who has fallen on hard times, which leaves a lasting impression.

You're nearly at the Damen El stop by the time you notice Flash Taco, a Mexican restaurant, right across the street from the Double Door. In your post-bar daze you completely missed it. The shady characters lurking nearby unsettle you and you decide to pas…

Frozen Packages by Pathos

Chris and Ronnie, burger flippers in a Chuck L's drive-through, find something disturbing in the walk-in cooler; by Pathos.

Looking back, it's shocking to think that for over a year I had been working in such close proximity to the packages. At times only feet away. But in the routine of my mundane occupation, I was completely ignorant of the fact that I was standing in the very shadow of…

Mahadsanid by Jon Moray

Carl Racine, a farm boy in the big city for a conference, tries to find out the meaning of a mysterious word used by the homeless people he passes on the streets.

"First time in a big city?" asked the bellman at the four-star hotel in the heart of the business district to the new guest as he stepped out of the taxicab.

"Yes sir, how did you know?"

"The eyes, I can alway…
Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Why Can't They Leave Things Alone? by Harry Downey

A habitual shoplifter's luck runs out in this humorous short by Harry Downey.

Would you buy a used car from a flashy, smooth-talking salesman called Ambrose? I wouldn't. But my wife fell for his patter and now she's my ex and living with him in Basingstoke. And good riddance too. So Charlie Medwin, that's me, on my own for a few weeks now, had a few adjustments to make in the way …