Sunday, July 6, 2014

View From a Zoo by Artie Knapp

In a departure from the normal format, here's a short children's story-video about a house-cat that seems to have it all, but longs for adventure, written by Artie Knapp, illustrated by Sunayana Nair Kanjilal and read by Emily Lou Zeller.

Thea appeared to have everything that a cat could want...


  1. Very cute. If I had kids I'd get this for them. Unfortunately I don't. I wish I could show this to my cat though...

  2. really good, nice idea to introduce this Format
    Michael McCarthy

  3. I like experimenting with new media types, this one working particularly well. And children's stories are always fun.

  4. A nice story with good illustrations. I like the narrator's voice and pace of delivery. Well done.