The Encounter by Kendra Beauchesne

Kendra Beauchesne tells of a brief romantic encounter.

When I think of you my fingers make their way to my lips as though I can still feel your kiss. Biting my lip I close my eyes and remember every perfect detail of that night. I was so nervous to see you even though we agreed it wasn't a date. We set up the time for you to pick me up and you asked if I had ever been on the back of a bike before. I laughed and told you that I had grown up on them. My heart raced with the anticipation as I heard your bike roll up in front of the hotel room. My hair was swept to one side, natural curls wild and a bit untamable, but I guess it reflected the way I felt inside. I had on a white scoop neck blouse with gray flowers on it, my favorite dark faded jeans, and gray boots.

I remember peering over the rail to see you sitting there on that black bike. I was terrified of the way I felt inside. I held onto the railing as I came down the stairs in fear that I would fall on my face. You had already taken off your helmet and sat straddled on that beautiful bike. Your sandy hair cut short and thin mustache gently lay across your lip. I said hello and you greeted me with, "You look beautiful." Hearing those words come from your lips made me feel on top of the world.

You asked if I was ready to go and started up the bike. I climbed up behind you after putting on the helmet you brought for me to wear. You backed out of the space and we pulled out of the parking lot. My legs and arms wrapped around you and the feel of my body next to yours made the world stand still. My blouse fluttered in the wind, I am sure that had you looked in one of your mirrors you would have gotten more than an eyeful. I probably should have decided on a different top, but thinking back on it I wouldn't change a thing.

You took me to the bar and we both had a Whisky Sour. It's funny that you like whisky, because it happens to be my favorite drink. We finished our drinks and you took me to a sports bar where we had another drink and took in some college football. I for the life of me can't remember the name of that place. I was so enamored by you that not one single person existed outside of that moment. You laughed at something I said about football and explained some of the rules that I did not understand.

You suggested seeing a movie and we couldn't decide, so you took me back to your place and we sat on the floor of your "man cave" and watched a movie. I believe it was Babylon AD. I don't recall much of the film, because I was so preoccupied by the thought of being so close to you, hands just inches from each other. We were so close, and it wasn't until more than half way through that you reached out and took my hand. In that one touch I felt more alive than ever. After the movie you drove me back to my room and hugged me good night, your smell intoxicating me. You finally said that we were kidding ourselves saying it wasn't a date. You smiled at me and watched me walk back to my room.

I danced around that room that night. It was in that moment I realized you are my muse. I wrote in my journal and it was the first time in ages that I put pen to paper. You inspired so many more poems that night. I was floating on air and couldn't sleep because I couldn't get you out of my head. It was a couple of days before I heard from you again. When I got that call my heart stopped. You asked if I had plans for the next evening. I told you I would be out looking at houses that day, but I had no evening plans. We agreed to meet up for dinner; I have to admit that I was so happy that you called me again, but I tried to play it cool. After hanging up the phone I danced around my room again.

You picked me up in your vehicle this time and put in a mix CD. Most of the songs were pop, which surprised me, because I had always thought you were more the classic rock type. You had shaved off your mustache, your face was bright and your eyes sparkled. I was wearing a black dress with pink and purple flowers on it. You had on jeans and a gray shirt, you smelled amazing. I had just gotten back to the room about twenty minutes before you picked me up, so I did not have time to change. For some reason you were shocked that I had been in a dress all day.

We had turkey sandwiches at the outdoor mall and we walked and talked about authors and books we enjoy. I learned about some of your hobbies and interests. Like that you play the sax and that you like trains and Legos. The more you talked the more enamored I was. You lit up like a kid when you saw the ice cream place. We stopped for some and I was so caught up in you that mine melted everywhere. You made a joke about blowing this "popsicle stand", so corny but you were so cute in that moment. We headed to Applebee's for a couple of drinks.

We talked over drinks and decided that the night should be coming to a close. You asked if I wanted to pick up drinks and go back to my room or if I wanted to call it a night. We ended up picking up drinks and went back to my room. You sat at the small round table in that dingy room that reeked of cigarette smoke. You asked how I found myself staying at that dump and I told you I got bumped from the hotel I was originally supposed to be staying in because my flight was delayed. I asked if you wanted another drink and you said that if you did you might be inclined to stay.

You moved over to the bed and we were talking about the book I was working on. I handed you my journal and let you start reading it. You laid back and pulled me closer to you. I don't remember how it happened, but I ended up on top of you. I have never felt so nervous in my life feeling you beneath me. You put my journal down and sat up to kiss me. Our lips met softly, my heart raced. You kissed me again this time sucking my bottom lip into your mouth, causing me to quiver. Kissing led to being intimate and those details I will keep to myself.

I could have stayed there and I would have. In my heart I was hoping that you would ask me to, but the words never came. That was all to our encounter and those few moments that I had with you have stayed with me. I think on them often, I have asked myself what if? But that will never happen; all I do know is that there is something about you that captivated me and it forever changed me.


  1. Tender, troubling and lovely,
    Thank you,

  2. Second person makes the story melancholy, as he is gone and it seems the narrator is talking to herself. The narrator knows her story and is selective in her re-telling, leaving the reader wanting more details about the circumstances. Well done! Thank you.

  3. Fascinating but ultimately sad story. For this reader incomplete, but that is real life. Tenderly written and authentic.
    Mike Mc

  4. A lovely snapshot of a romance that could have been.

  5. Relate to this one. Had a lot of what if’s.